Hypertension is also another term for high blood pressure. Our providers help patients design a plan to lower their blood pressure to more normal levels. Generally high blood pressure develops as you age when veins become more rigid. Other risk factors may include: obesity, anxiety, alcohol, too much salt intake, diabetes and smoking.

Certain ethnicities and family history can leave some at higher risk for hypertension. Left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart attacks and/or kidney disease.

Lowering blood pressure may be as easy as editing one’s diet to lower fat and sodium intake and including potassium and fiber rich foods. Exercise and increased water consumption can also help lower blood pressure along with stress reduction and weight loss. After an examination and discussion of with a patient about his or her lifestyle and diet, our providers will help incorporate a long-term plan and monitoring of hypertension that may also include medicines to assist in the lowering of blood pressure in addition to lifestyle changes.

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