Male hormone optimization (or replacement therapy) is most often used to correct the symptoms of male hypogonadism, a condition diagnosed by a blood test in which a man’s body makes very little testosterone. There are many causes of low testosterone including environmental, physical, dietary and aging.

In adults, low testosterone can cause lowered sex drive, fatigue, impotence, muscle weakness, depression, and loss of height. Optimizing testosterone levels can help restore sexual function, muscle strength and prevent bone loss. The ultimate goal of optimizing hormone levels is improve quality of life and reduce the risk of diseases associated with aging and declining hormones.

Optimizing male hormones involves establishing base levels through lab work and implementing lifestyle changes, supplements and medications to enhance hormone levels to a range that works best for your body, not just getting the testosterone level to “normal.” We use medications to not only boost your natural production of testosterone, but also reduce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. For some patients, hormone replacement is necessary in the form of gels, creams or injections.