I just want to personal thank each of you for seeing me that one day in February this year. When I first came in to see both of you I was 277lbs, wearing a size 44 dress slacks, snoring every night, low energy, poor life style choices, bad health numbers, borderline on some potential serious IMG_3177long term health issues and I could go on.

Both of you gave me the understanding of how my body works and what I was doing to it and where I was headed. Both of you also gave me the tools to better myself, (THE GREEN BOOK!!) Truly a life style change! Knowing that it took me a few years to get to where I was made me realize that journey back to good health would be a marathon in itself.

Fast forward to September 23rd, 2015. I have lost nearly 60lbs, I have a new life style, crazy off the charts energy, love to exercise, selfish about what goes in this body, consider food as a fuel now, love that I now fit into size 38 dress slacks, have added a few more hopefully A LOT of years to my life and most importantly will be here for a long time to come for the three most precious and important people in my life, my Volin women!

2015 volin family beachSpeaking of marathon… I am running my first half marathon on OCT. 3rd here in Mooresville and YES I will send another picture of this goal that I intend to smash.

I hope you can open these pictures and do approve you or Piedmont to use them if you want to. Let me know if you cannot open as I have hard copies as well J

Thank you from the bottom of my protein shake and my healthy heart!